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Brief History of the World Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (WAVLD)

Vaughn Seaton, DVM MS
1st President, WAVLD

Presented by:
Craig N. Carter, DVM MS PhD

Brief History of the WAVLD

  • Dr. Benjaman Jarra of Mexico visited the National Animal Disease Laboratory in Ames, 1976 to consult with Dr. Vaughn Seaton and others.

  • A new Veterinary Research and Diagnostic Laboratory at Palo Alto, Mexico was to be dedicated in 1977.

  • Planning began for the organizational meeting of the WAVLD to coincide with the dedication of the new lab.

  • The first informal ISWAVLD meeting was held in Guanajuato, Mexico in 1977 with several hundred in attendance.

  • At the Mexico meeting, Dr. Hans Glattli, lobbied to host the second ISWAVLD meeting in Lucerne, Switzerland, 1980.

  • A decision was made in Switzerland to name the new organization the “WAVLD” and Dr. Seaton installed as the first President. He remained in that position for 6 years.

  • The WAVLD constitution and bylaws were approved at the third ISWAVLD meeting in Ames, Iowa, USA in 1983.